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Cheap international calls
from your fix and mobile

Want to make cheap international calls? pennyphone is a discount phone call provider offering extremely cheap rates to international destinations and UK mobiles. pennyphone is the easiest way to call abroad. Enjoy cheap international phone calls and reduce your phone bill easily. pennyphone is directly accessible from all landlines and mobiles.
  No registration
  No pre-payment
  No account to open
  No credit cards
  No contract

pennyphone gives you a tariff announcement before each call.
This way you can always control your costs and save on phone bill.

How much does it cost exactly ?

pennyphone offers you the possibility to make cheap long distance phone calls quite easily, so you don't have to pay for expensive international calling cards anymore. You can save a lot on your telephone expenses. When calling from a landline your call will be charged just at our rate. VAT is already included. Your landline provider will not surcharge our rates. When calling from a mobile we advice you to get in touch with your mobile operator. Unfortunately we have no influence on what they may surcharge for calling our access numbers, nor do we receive any extra revenue from it.
Yet, depending on your calling plan, certain access numbers can be truly useful for you to make cheap or even free international phone calls from your mobile :
  • If you have a monthly plan with T-Mobile or Three, you will enjoy a wider range of international destinations for only 10p per minute via the access number

    0871 280 5 280

    . Click on 10p international calls from Three and T-Mobile for further information.

Find out how easy it is to make cheap international calls

It is very simple. Just follow two simple steps to start enjoying cheap overseas calls with pennyphone.
1.  Dial the access number associated with the destination you wish to call. You can find our access numbers in the pricing list or by selecting your destination in the menu located above at the right.
2.  After hearing the tariff announcement, enter the number you wish to call. For example: calling to USA
  • 0871 280 5 280 (access number) - wait for the voice prompt -
  • then enter 001 (the country code) + 404 254 xyxy (the telephone number)
When calling to landlines or mobiles within the UK, make sure you leave out the leading zero '0' of the area code or mobile number: e.g. for dialling a UK mobile 0044 7xy xyx xyx.
To get a list of our rates and access number per each country, please click on international dialling codes.

Will I receive an invoice from pennyphone?

You will not receive a bill from pennyphone. You will find your calls via pennyphone on your regular phone bill. There are no additional costs, no extra bills and VAT is already included.
From landline to landline
p per minute
Via access number:
From landline to mobile
p per minute
Via access number:
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Country Code.
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